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January 27 2016

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Guide To Meeting Women - Top 50 Places To discover Your Next Girlfriend

10 Women You Won't Believe Exist
A common question I get asked is "Tony, I wish to start working on this stuff on the other hand don't know where the heck to start meeting women." I totally understand. There's not exactly a Google Maps showing where every one of the hot women near you congregate. One thing you need to understand is you can meet women anywhere. In the event you walk down the street or visit the grocery store, there are always opportunities presenting themselves. However, I've compiled a tremendous list of places to meet women. After dealing with this list, you will have ZERO excuses never to go out and start meeting women.

10 people you won't believe exist
Before I recieve into the list, here are some caveats:

Don't Be a Creep - Meeting women needs to be a secondary benefit of visiting the places listed on a list. Go to these places for the sake of trying something new, not to hunt for women. By way of example, go to an art walk which has a couple of your friends because it's cool new thing to do. Don't be the creepy guy that's going and then hit on women. That's weirdo behavior.

Bring a small grouping of Friends - Always try to gather a group of people to go with. When you meet women, it's like she's joining the fun party that's already going on. However don't let this prevent you if you can't find you to definitely go with. Nothing is wrong with going to the places alone.

Kind of Location = Sort of Woman - In which you find a woman will directly correlate on the type of women she is. For example, women at hardcore punk rock dive bars might be much different from women you'll meet at the local church. Therefore, have an idea of the type of women you need to date, then go the places they normally frequent. If you do not know, the be open to trying out everything out there.

No Order worth focusing on - There isn't a particular order of importance of places with this list. Some will come out more than other for you, but be open to test everything out. There's no one place that is better to meet women than the others. You can meet and attract women ANYWHERE an advanced cool guy.

It is possible to Meet Women Anywhere - Guys think they must constantly go to bars or clubs in order to meet women. In actuality, you won't need to deviate too far from your existing routine. In the event you walk down the street or go to the grocery there are always possibilities to meet new women.

1. Social Media Sites (Facebook) - I am aware many guys who've seen ENORMOUS success meeting women through social networking sites like Facebook. There's definitely an art and a science going this route so do your research on how to start messaging girls without coming off as a creep. However when you own it down, sky's the limit to the amount of women you can meet.

2. Coffee houses - Women are ALWAYS at places like Starbucks or Caribou Coffee either grabbing a fast drink, with another cutie friend of theirs or simply getting some work done. These are very low-key place to start conversation.

3. Local Colleges - If you live by a college, this is sometimes a GOLD mine for young, single and hot women. My recommendation is always to go during summer school. There are no longer too many people on campus so girls are ALWAYS looking for new website visitors to hang out with.

4. Book sellers - If a girl is looking at a book section you already know a little bit about, it is easy to walk up and start talking about the subject. Tip: Weekend afternoons and weekday evenings occurs when you'll find the most women at book sellers. Book stores are often times empty otherwise.

5. The Gym - Women who regularly go the fitness center are definitely the type you want to be hanging around. They manage their bodies, are self-motivated and frequently are extroverted... All GREAT qualities in a girlfriend.

6. Museums & Galleries - I'm not really going to lie, museums & galleries will not the most target rich places throughout the weekdays. However, for fun on saturday these places could be PACKED with women to strike up a conversation about whatever gallery you will be in.

7. Laundry Mats - Women are bored out of their minds at laundry mats these types of this, are more ready to talk when a guy for example yourself approaches. This is a golden opportunity because you'll often have up to 2 hours of your time to hang out while you both watch for your clothes to get ready.

8. Local Pools - Women in bikinis... Hmm, need I say more?!?

9. Beaches - Again, a no-brainer.

10. Pet Shops - A lot of women who have dogs and cats goes to pet shops regularly to get supplies or food. Here is the perfect opportunity to ask a situational opener like "Hey, maybe you have tried this type of pet food? I'm taking care of my buddy's dog and i also don't know what I'm doing. I've officially assigned you to definitely help me..."

11. Hardware Stores - While you might think hardware stores are testosterone driven, many women will frequent these stores for garden supplies and random knick-knacks to the home.

12. Ikea - Not just is this a great place to meet new women, this is one of my favorite places to create girls out on dates. You can goof around and pretend you might be newlyweds shopping for furniture. When meeting women, proceed up to them and have "Hey, I'm looking to get new furniture in my room and I require a woman's opinion. Are you able to help me out?"

13. Restaurants - Restaurants certainly are a FILLED with women in order to meet. Here's the caveat: Don't approach women if they are eating. It's just rude interrupting someone while their enjoying their meal so approach before she likes to her meal or after she's done eating. Usually there is a bar in the restaurant it is possible to transition things to.

14. Churches - I shall be honest with you. Certain areas (i.e. Dance clubs) are where you'll have a tendency to find certain kind of women to hook up with. Other places (i.e. Churches) are where you will discover quality women it is possible to settle down for the long-term. Church often times hold social events stuffed with many quality women in order to meet.

15. Supermarket - Some guys complain that they can never have enough time to meet women. Should you go grocery shopping then you need no excuses. I guarantee you can find a handful of women to approach at the local grocery store (particularly if you live in a big city). Tip: Weekday nights and weekends are the best time to go. Anytime else you will discover moms or old people.

16. Social Circle - This is the ultra traditional route many guys rely on. Meeting women through a mutual friend could be the number one way guys find their girlfriend. You merely can't beat this because a woman thinks so positively person after a solid introduction from your friend.

17. On The Street - If you live in an urban area, there are a plethora of women rushing with the streets during the daytime. I lived in Chicago and in the summer, I'd always find increasingly hotter women walking down the street than I'd see in many night clubs.

18. Fitness Classes - If you're currently working out alone, start planning to fitness classes asap. It's like killing two birds with one stone. You will work out anyway, so might do it alongside a gaggle of women at a spinning or kickboxing class.

19. Dance Classes - In case you have rarely been physical which has a woman, I'd suggest going to dance classes. With styles including Tango, you're forced to be close and personal with your dance partner. It will teach you first hand how you can physically lead women, albeit around the dance floor. My personal favorite is Salsa. There's normally a lack of guys at Salsa classes, so you will have your way with all the women taking turns to bop with you.

20. Tanning Salons - If you're pale, you need to start tanning. I am not saying you need to look like the newest member of Jersey Shore, but giving your epidermis a little color making you look livelier. Oh one more thing, there are an INORDINATE volume of women at these places.

21. Hair Salons - Like tanning salons, the girl to man ratio in beauty salons is staggering. If you possess the money, getting your hair styled is definitely worth it. Actual professionals just work at these places who is able to style your hair a lot better than you've eve imagined.

22. Makeup Stores - It may seem going to a makeup store may be the equivalent of getting your balls sawed off, but a majority of makeup stores holds stuff for guys such as cologne. Here is the golden opportunity to ask women them their opinion of colognes.

23. Malls (clothing stores) - Malls are another place full of cuties. Again, another perfect possibility to approach women for opinion on a particular clothing style your thoughts about going with. There are various teenagers scattered in malls so ensure the women you are conversing with are actually... well... of aging!

24. In The Building of one's Work - I understand lots of guys who've met lots of women just by walking up and down the different floors with their office building. If you happen to work in a big building, it's likely that there are many women in the same way bored as you are dying to meet new people. Tip: Continue your lunch break. This can be when you'll see one of the most traffic inside the building.

25. Parties - Parties are my absolute favorite about this list. It's THE perfect atmosphere to satisfy new women. You're enjoying your friends, she's having fun with her friends along with the atmosphere pumps her state on top of all the music and drinks. Everyone is talking everyone so going up to her is practically expected.

26. Yoga Classes - Check out a Yoga class even if you are not looking to meet women. There are numerous benefits. You'll increase your strength, flexibility, posture, breathing and customarily become a more centered person. Like dance classes, yoga carries a disproportionate amount of women to men. Plus, yoga classes teach women to contort themselves in many different err... Yoga positions.:-)

27. Book Signings/ Discussion Groups - Women often gravitate towards certain authors. By way of example, Chelsea Handler has an ENORMOUS female readership of ages around 18 - 35. Just try to find a book signing or a discussion group of readership because of these type of authors, you'll feel like a kid on Christmas morning.

28. Modeling Events - Modeling agencies usually have social mixers for those in the industry. Find out where these are and find a way to be in. I've personally visited a few myself in addition to all my years, I've never seen so many hot women in one room so damn open to meet new people.

29. Acting Classes - Acting is something you should be going to regardless of meeting new women. It'll develop your voice, allow you to think better for you feet (especially Improv classes) and usually improve your self-confidence. There are of course many women that attend these classes.

30. Bars - I personally don't like when people say women don't wish to meet men at bars. Listen up, women dream of meeting their "Prince Charming" serendipitously such as all the romantic comedies they are brain washed by. However, in real life cool guys are difficult to find and women will almost always be open to talking to one. No matter if it's in a bar, a supermarket or at a freakin' funeral.

31. Clubs - Plenty of pros and cons with clubs. Pros: they hold the highest concentration of hot women in a single room. Cons: dark, far too loud, intimidating and quite a few women's "I'm better than you" meter are from the charts. Bottom Line: seeing as there are so many women that won't remember who the hell you're, it's the best place to work on game.

32. Lounges - Lounges have the best aspects of both the bar and club world. They'll need the attractive women clubs often hold, while keeping the mellow atmosphere of bars.

33. Strip Clubs - You won't find the future mother of one's children at a strip club, however it is a GOLDEN opportunity to activate with women who are VERY attractive and probably have tighter game than you. Having the capacity to transition the strippers focus off your wallet will teach you many conversational skills you couldn't develop otherwise.

34. Internet dating Services - I've heard mixed reviews from sites like Match.com and eHarmony.com. My take is guys who don't see results with your sites tend to dabble. They'll give it a shot for a few months, won't put much effort it, then cancel their account just after. Like anything, you have got to put the work in and put it out in order to see results.

35. Singles Mixer Events - If you live in a bigger city, they'll usually hold mixers for singles. While i lived in Chicago, the Museum of contemporary Art held an event where thousands of twenty and thirty somethings came every month to meet new people.

36. Yelp.com or Metromix.com Events - These sites are the absolute best resource you've got at your disposal to find places to meet women. From restaurants, to bars, to several events, these sites are saved to top everything and anything social near you. Tip: One day out from the month, set aside serious amounts of browse through these sites. Calendar inside a cool new thing to do each day of the upcoming month.

37. Dog Parks - Dog parks are full of women and their dogs. Striking up a conversation is too easy if your dogs are using each other. Also, you are able to tell a lot about a woman by the type of dog she own. Remember that, a woman who owns a Poodle along with a woman who owns a German Shepard are a couple of completely different people.

38. Speed Dating - Speed dating could be a powerful way to not only meet women, but to improve your conversation repertoire. In under 2 hours, you could potentially have chatted with 15 different women. It's like coming to the basketball gym to work on your jump shot. In case you mess up or meet a girl you're uninterested in, there's always a new girl nearby.

39. Amusement Parks or Local Fairs - They're a preferred destination for couples, but it is possible to many single women chilling out at amusements parks or local fairs. What's great about these places will be the opportunity for an insta-date. Approach, converse, then once she's attracted transition things by taking place one of the rides along with her.

40. Co-Ed Sporting Leagues - They're fun not only to meet women, but to merely have a freakin' good time with friends. The type of women that gravitate towards activities like co-ed softball or volleyball leagues are generally athletic, low-maintenance, and overall fun girls that are into sports... pretty much all the qualities guys look out for in girlfriends. :-)

41. Weddings - I not really know what it is about weddings, but they always seem to hold single women. When you factor in the open bar, the background music and the fact that another one with the woman's friends get wed leaving her feeling VERY single, it's like hook-up city.

42. Cooking Classes - I've heard mixed reviews with cooking classes. A few of my buddies went seeking to find women like those hot chefs the thing is on The Food Network. They were pretty disappointed whenever they realized they were the only real ones under 50 space. :-(

43. Concerts - This is a tip: Most women in concerts are very focused on the stage this doesn't happen make sense to approach then. In general, the best time to meet women happens when you're in line to purchase food and drinks. Lines are painfully long and females are often times by themselves. These are the basic best conditions to strike up a conversation.

44. Sporting Events - Use the same tip I've laid out for concerts. Probably you're rooting for a similar team so starting a conversation about something tightly related to the game is a chance. What's great with sports entertainment is there's usually a lot of bars surrounding the stadium. If the situation is going well, continue the adventure by bringing her to one of these bars.

45. Art Classes - Women love art and most likely there are art classes held somewhere in your town. The guy to girl ratio at the classes are ALWAYS favoring so utilize this.

46. Art Walks - Cities will most likely hold outdoor exhibitions where local artists display their job for the public. Many times there's bands playing, local pubs serving drinks and even more importantly all sorts of women perusing with the booths. Again, a perfect opportunity for an insta-date.

47. Community Service - Don't be doing community service just to pick up chicks. That's just downright sleazy. However, if you have a organization you want to get involved in, often times a side benefit for this is meeting the type, warm-hearted, compassionate women who will also be involved.

48. Organized Trips - Organized trips are an easy way to meet women because right from the start you both have a solid common interest. These can range from scuba diving, bird watching, bus tours, hiking and rock climbing. Also, these types of environments are very low-key so you can really familiarize yourself with the woman you meet.

49. Meetup.com Groups - You'll find an endless amount of special interest groups where members gather regularly. Many of these groups are Stuffed with women. Go to Meetup.com and check the groups in your city. What's great concerning this is you can see photos from the groups and find that happen to be filled with women before even going to a meeting.

50. Wine Tasting Events - Good spot to meet elegant, classy women. Remember that, after going to countless dive bars looking to talk with drunken girls belching the night time away, it's reassuring to fulfill a more sophisticated type at wine tasting events.

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